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BV4 PRO Tripod Kit

BV4 PRO Tripod Kit

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The Benro BV4PRO combines the BV4 video head with the A673TM dual stage tandem style tripod. This lightweight video tripod kit is ideal for camera payloads up to 8.8 lb and for videographers on the go. All of the main controls, other than counterbalance, are located on the left side of the head making it easy to make adjustments with a single hand while operating the camera. The 6-step counterbalance (steps 0-5) allows you to dial in the right amount of counterbalance for each setup, which helps when changing lenses or adding accessories. The 4-step pan & tilt drag controls offer a more professional style setup and help to repeat smooth movements. Two 3/8"-16 accessory mounts come in handy when needing to add a simple audio recorder or monitor. The 2 stage, 3 section tandem tripod legs incorporate a 75mm bowl, height adjustable (and removable) mid-level spreader, oversized quick positive leg locks and rubber feet with dual spiked feet. The BV4PRO has a maximum operating height of 63.0 in.
Maximum Load: 8.8 lb (4 kg)
MinHeight: 31.7 in (80.5 cm)
MaxHeight: 63 in (160 cm)
Weight: 13.1 lb (6 kg)
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BV4 PRO Tripod Kit Videos

Maximum Load8.8 lb (4 kg)
Minimum Height31.7 in (80.5 cm)
Maximum Height63 in (160 cm)
Number of Leg SectionsDual Stage
Independent Leg SpreadMid Level Spreader
Quick Release (QR) PlateSlide-In Video (QR13)
Weight13.1 lb (6 kg)