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Snoppa Vmate

Snoppa Vmate


The Snoppa Vmate is a revolutionary content creation tool that boasts the ability to shoot in either horizontal or portrait configurations – all without losing resolution. The Vmate is an all-in-one, micro, 3-axis, palm-sized gimbal camera system that lets you create content vertically for social media or horizontally for use in any type of creative film project.

Rotatable Camera Lens and Sensor The Snoppa Vmate with its f/2.0 81° wide angle lens is capable of shooting in both 4K at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps in either horizontal or vertical modes. Changing between modes is easy and done in one movement. Gently turning the lens 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise is all it takes.

Built-in Wi-Fi Connection Unlike other handheld gimbals, the Snoppa Vmate contains a built in Wi-Fi module for connection to your phone, tablet, or other devices and the dedicated Vmate app. The app allows access to advanced features and modes while allowing you to fine tune your capture settings for the situation you are filming.

Flexible Audio Recording Vmate incorporates a unique audio switching system that lets you use one of Vmate’s two built-in microphones, your smartphone mic, or connect to your Bluetooth mic while instantly syncing the audio to your video clips for unprecedented audio capture.

Carry It Everywhere For Shake-Free Filming Anywhere A hardshell case protects the Vmate while traveling also doubles as a phone clamp. Combine that with a complete camera system that weighs only 120 grams and you have the ultimate palm-sized content capture tool that you’ll always want to have close at hand.

The Ultimate Vlogging Tool A perfect tool for vlogging - the Vmate’s unique Broadcaster Mode uses the front-facing camera on your phone, plus the Vmate’s gimbal camera so you can simultaneously record video of the scenery and yourself at the same time.

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